The Inaugural Post

Strictly speaking, my travelling habits are neither adventurous nor remotely nomadic in style. In fact, I’m very far from the qualities associated with. But wanderlust I have a mighty dose, relentlessly oozing, that keeps me wandering about and happy.

I started this blog because I felt like it. I was also a wee bit inspired by an app in Facebook. The app, Travel Brain, helps Facebookers map the places they’ve been to and does a tally at the end – it includes an analysis of what sort of traveller they are. Amongst other things, it says I’m one who has some knowledge but hasn’t shared.


So I got thinking a little bit. Enterprising thoughts along the lines of sharing fun stuff about sojourns that could potentially, someday, maybe, hopefully (but not happening yet) help me earn my keep and let me retire early. YAY!

That thought was the bigger inspiration and was a darn good reason for starting something I simply felt like doing. So here I am. But I am not much of a crowd pleaser. We’ll see how it goes.

What this blog is not

I’m not a tough traveller with stamina and brawn . I’m hardly likely to spend all day trekking in extreme hot or cold, at high altitudes or worse, careen along treacherous switchbacks with steep drop-offs. Surely I can’t not shower for a few days, nor jump off a cliff and risk death or a certain disability, nor camp in the wilderness without feeling apprehensive that something may come bite me.

Wimpy as it may sound, there are those adventures that I won’t trade safety and comfort to go on. Granted that I’d definitely be missing out on some of the most [insert appropriate adjective] experiences, but unique and breathtaking as they may be, I reckon I’d be content with (and be alive for) those I haven’t yet seen – and there are still a lot! I’ll perhaps only try high adventure should I be so lucky to be driven mad by midlife stupor, and go crazy with crazy.

My idea of fun

New experiences are a must-try, just not veering too far off the beaten path. Pushing limits but within logical confines. Carpe Diem but live to see another day. Roller coasters are fantastic, but bungee jumping is off-limits. There is a Singaporean slang for this state of mind – Kia-Si (literally, afraid of death). But I beg to differ. Wimpy is very subjective.

[First published: 23 Mar 2011]


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