No place like D.C.

Washington DC is very elegant, very learned, very serious. Full of museums, monuments, government agencies and politicians. Somehow, the word ‘boring’ comes a-flashing, but no, it’s a far cry from that. We got quite a kick out of visiting the different places in DC. To use our 9-year old niece’s words, it was awesome!

So we walked along the national mall that stretched for over a mile from Capitol Building to the Washington Monument. Also popped into the Air and Space Museum, which is quite a sight to behold. There are real NASA things in there like parts of the Apollo spacecraft, a scaled model of the Hubble telescope, a mock up spacecraft you can walk into. Failure is not an option. Heh. We were like kids in a toy store.

We did the Lincoln Memorial – very inspiring, Korean War Memorial, and passed a lot of others via the hop-on/hop-off bus (US$35pp for 24hrs), which is a timesaver and a lifesaver in the cold. We also had a glimpse of the White House…from ye olde kitchen garden, straining to see between the wrought iron grilles! Felt like a stalker.

We sat at the top most of the time, despite the cold, to see better and take photographs. There were a number of low-hanging tree branches and other knickknacks that provided us with literally in-your-face fun on our way to the neighbourhood of Georgetown in particular. Georgetown has a town centre with long rows of pretty shops, bustling too I might add. Schlepped a Ben n Jerry’s too – c-c-co-oldd.

Hotel Liaison at Capitol Hills was where we made camp. It’s a short walk from Union Station, which was where we took a train to NYC for our flight back.  There are shops and eateries in the Station, and a Barnes & Noble where I got the easel cover for my new Nook tablet!! Heh.

[First published: 30 Dec 2011]