Favourite Places, 3: Imperial Library, Hofburg Palace, Vienna, Austria

Did I already mention that I love libraries? I love books, yes, but I love libraries beyond books. Libraries are the epitome of order and neatness that resonates with the very core of my OCD in the same ūüôā

The older, the better.¬†In my readings about these libraries, I’ve learnt that monks are prolific hoarders, and observed that there are almost always fancy globes tucked in one corner.

The Austrian National Library in Hofburg Palace is the largest in Austria and is housed in a rather large complex that is meant, I think, to confuse pesky tourists seeking to lay their beady eyes on the gorgeous Imperial Library, origins circa Middle Ages.

Monks? Check. Globes? Check.

Seek and ye shall find literary rareness to behold in thy stately Bibliotheca! ¬†Touch and ye shall meet certain doom. This sentiment still bears some truth from the Imperial times for commoners – just don’t let the guard catch you placing your nose too close to any artefact.

Post 90. Hofburg Library