Being the Bigger Cat

I was rudely awoken from my day time slumber by a prodding toe on my behind. Annoying human wanted her space on the floor back to take her breakfast – the awful bits swirling around in milk. Her space. Tsk, tsk. What a joke. I knew she had to wait for me to leave, so I took my time to stretch and laze a bit before I let her have it. But not before I shot her a look to show my displeasure. Just this once, I will be the bigger cat.



In the Mood for Superheroes

We have fixed a date to go catch the latest installment of The Avengers playing at a theatre near us. 😉

Some fans of the series managed to blend science and superheroes into one, no doubt the work of brilliant scientific minds at rest:






And, Schrödinger, the Batcat.


Cat Talk

I thought I heard my cat say Hello yesterday. Well, his diction wasn’t clear so it sounded something like Auu-ooo. So I greeted him back with a mew, and he went on a soliloquy.

He is quite the conversationalist. We have frequent chats with him, particularly when he first sees us in the mornings and around dinner in the evenings.

He asks questions too – like when he popped out of his blanket last evening and showed us his cute face with an inquiring Meow?


He is also very vocal when he demands to know where we have been the whole day, when he thinks it’s bonding time and after he poos (cos he wants the litterbox cleaned. Fussy!)

Otherwise he just plays on his own and sleeps – in the oddest positions possible. Watching him sleep cracks me up and makes my neck ache. And makes me want to hug him tight 🙂

He has taught me loads in the short time he has been with us: His needs come first, we need to yell out to report when we get home, the importance of maintaining OCD-level cleanliness (I am with him on this), and how to mew properly.

I am quite sure he has a bone to pick with my cadence.


Cat Training Day 14

We decided that we needed something to help train Rö to keep off the kitchen counter, stove tops, dining table, bookshelves and rooms with fragile items he is not allowed to enter.

Al foil helped but he still attempts to leap to little areas where there aren’t. Always testing us. I don’t want to cover everything up with foil because then I can’t find my books nor my pens.

So SJ scoured the amazing directory of Amazon and found an automated, motion-detector spray+alarm that seemed useful. It works by hiding in a corner, laying in wait for an unsuspecting feline wandering over to climb things it isn’t supposed to. Then Poof! It will release a blast of harmless compressed air equivalent to having someone scare you from behind.

I like reading reviews before purchasing stuff and came across one for this product that made me really laugh. 🙂


First week with our Cat

I can’t say there hasn’t been a time this week when I thought I couldn’t take the smell of his poop any longer. Or when I was feeling jittery about him climbing all over my favourite places at home, and potentially leaving behind a trail of destruction. Or wondering about the possibility of him passing on the nasty toxoplasma gondii (if he had any) to his human companions.

Add to this the disapproving grimaces and for-your-own-good-advice we got from anti-cat people who are also family, I am glad I made it past the week.

But stubborn us will not relent! Plus, Rö is too cute. 🙂

A few things I have learnt:

1. Cat poop stinks and no amount of baking soda or charcoal or home sprays can mask the smell. We had the brilliant idea of tossing the crap into a bin, and take out at the end of the week. BAD idea! It reeked every time I opened the bin to toss. Gawd. It stunk to high heaven. Then we bagged before tossing – saved my nose a little but I still gagged at the stench that wafted out each time. We are currently transiting him to a litter we can flush.

2. Cats sleep a lot. He is very quiet in the afternoon and in the wee hours of the night, preferring to rest in his spot than play. Ours sleep about 14hrs a day. Still, he is awake by about 0530hrs. Too early!

3. Cats are expressive. Once he got to know us, he became quite talkative. He mews when he wants to be fussed, usually after long periods of not seeing us. He asks for dinner or to play, and most recently, also mews for me to clean his litter after he poo-pooed and for some reason likes to inspect when I do so. Fastidious little fella, I like.

4. Cats have strong preferences. If he does not like his food, he is not afraid to tell you. If you didn’t clear out his smelly poo, you’d know how he feels about it.

5. Cats know about personal space. There is a time for work and a time for play, and a time when we leave each other to do our own thing. For now, he calls out for play when we settle in the living room to watch tv, but stops after awhile to sit amongst us and watch Sheldon do his thing.

6. Cats understand commands. I have been told that cats are notoriously difficult to train. I agree – but it is not that they don’t understand, they just want to choose when to listen. So far, ours seem okay to listen. He still jumps up on surfaces he is not supposed to and just tossed some books from the shelves this morning. Aluminium foil is now part of my house decor.

Will my books stay on the shelves tonight or won’t they? I will know in the morning when I check.

Like quantum physics much?


He is Coming!

Today 🐯 !

I never thought preparing for the arrival of a pet cat could take so much thinking and analysis.

I read up so much to just pick out a litter box! Placement of it was another test. The same with litter type, food trays, bed and toys for engagement. How to help him get adjusted to the new environment took two books.

But it was fun and though I am not sure if I remember it all but I feel quite ready to deal with cat situations. 😊