There is a first for everything


This is my first floppy sun hat.
And I made it from scratch. Yay to free time! đŸ™‚

I am not a fan of hats because I do not like having hat hair. I avoid them whenever possible and hide in the shade instead when the heat gets the better of me. And so, I do not own hats and won’t think of spending money to get something I would not necessarily use.

But I think I do need some protective cover when we are up in Machu Picchu. I don’t think there are a lot of areas to seek respite from the sun, and I do develop severe headaches if I am exposed for long periods. Add altitude sickness to that and I’d be on my back more than on my feet!

So I decided that I will make one that will carry dual functions – to protect my sensitive head and be a sweat sponge.

Once I had the instructions, I hunted down a big green fluffy towel (I was supposed to look for an old tee shirt; but of course I don’t follow instructions) courtesy of my generous hubby who will now own one towel less. And off I went measuring and cutting with the help of pizza trays and plates for the circles I had to produce.

I pinned all the pieces together to test how it would fit around my head. The brim fell right over my eyes. It was not supposed to do that.

That is what you get for not following instructions. Gahhh!!

To the Internet for rescue! I discovered that I had to use something known as interfacing. Crapola. What is that?! A few more clicks told me that it is a foamy material that is typically used to provide shape to brims of hats and bags. I thought that was the end of my little project for I do not think that I can pull that out of my hubby’s closet.

But what do you know, I spotted it at lunch the next day. We were walking past a luggage sale, and a salesperson was pulling some white stuffing out of a large bag a customer was interested in. And I saw the foamy thing! I asked if I could have it and the kind salesperson handed it to me, no questions asked.

The hat wanted to be completed.

I was so inspired I finished sewing the pieces together in 4 hours after I got home with the foam. It would be a lot easier with a sewing machine but I didn’t have one, so I had to hand-sew the pieces together with the one stitch I knew that I learnt from my grandma.

And, ta-da!
My floppy green sun hat-towel. đŸ™‚