Favourite Places, 5: Myeong-Dong, Seoul, South Korea

At the end of this street is a cosy restaurant selling glorious Ginseng Chicken, replete with an Ahjumma‘s warm welcome with impressive Korean-tinged English. A good place to recuperate after jostling your way through the crowds along this street mall.

The way I see it, Myeong-Dong is primarily an open air warehouse with meandering lanes that offer a mind-boggling range of goods at very competitive prices. The bustling area of commerce for large chains and artisan shops peddling wares from cosmetics, clothes, jewellery to food, pottery, socks, is also a popular hangout for the young and chic.

And the eager bargain hunters. *tee hee*

Weekends seem to be the time to be there if the dread of crowds is overtaken by the love of even MORE stalls and bargains to be had.

The city converges at Seoul’s marketplaces on rest days, and trading is at its peak then. Whether it is Myeong-Dong, Namdaemun or Hongdae, it never gets dull – there is always something happening (shop assistants yelling about freebies and deals) somewhere (then the shop opposite does the same).

When weary from all that walking, recharge with caffeine at one of many cute coffee joints and some chewy Deokbokki from a streetstall.

Or, have some good old Ginseng Chicken soup.

Post 93. Seoul