Favourite Places, 11: Hong Kong

Best things about Hong Kong?

I think the mouth-watering food and bustling night markets. Treasures hidden in the nooks and crannies of old streets, and surprising finds at every other turn. An eclectic mix of past and present. A foodie’s haunt. A bargain hunter’s haven.

Post 113. Hong Kong


Sojourn: Hong Kong II

HKG is a mecca for foodies. Though I love to eat, I’m not quite one myself since I live by the a-moment-on-your-lips-a-lifetime-on-your-hips motto, and am only willing to pile on the calories selectively. However, there is a dim sum place one needs to visit while in HKG because it is almost criminal not to.

Go to the resplendent Maxim’s Palace @ Level 2, City Hall (low block) along Edinburg Road. The nearest train station is Central MTR, and you walk 8-10mins, and need to cross a few small roads and a highway to get there. Use the overhead bridge or underpass, do not attempt to dash across the busy highway. The dim sum may be to-die-for, but don’t take it too literally.

For about HK$400, you get these, plus Har Gao and Steamed chicken & ‘shrooms rice. (I forgot to get a picture of the latter two because I was busy stuffing my face.) The food comes in the traditional pushcarts, but pimped up with technology i.e. videos advertising the food in the cart are shown at the front, plus they have the names of the dishes in English. Nice.

Oh yah, and get there by 11am on weekdays, and 9am on weekends if you do not wish to queue for too long to get a seat. It is that popular. 


The other bits…

Victoria’s Peak has changed drastically from what I remember of it. Two shopping malls have sprouted from a mere lookout point that was there years ago. I’m not even certain it’s the exact location, but if it is, then the tourist promotion board has done something really good.  One of the malls houses Madame Tussaud’s – we didn’t visit, but it sure attract a tidy number of tourists the Sunday we were there. The tram that took us up was fun, and relatively inexpensive (HK$40 per person) for a return trip.

Night markets are always a riot, but especially so in HKG. Busy, loud, lots of bargains and they start in the afternoon! I had Chou Dou Fu from one of the street hawkers for HK$8. SJ ran so far away from me the 10mins I spent chomping it down. *LOL*.  Chou Dou Fu translates into “Smelly Tofu”, a local delicacy famous for its horrible stink of rotting food, but tastes very good. It’s an acquired taste, like wasabi, so not for all. 

Disneyland HKG is really quite small and, worst of all, so darn tame. But, for what it’s worth, it IS still the happiest place on earth no matter where on earth it is. The Citygate Outlets (other than Esprit and the supermarket) are a letdown I think.  In retrospect,  if I was pressed for time, I’d probably give this a miss.

But their supermarkets (which we have an OCD-level affiliation for) are rather educational – I thought we have seen a lot, but it is here that we got to taste Pili Nuts – crunchy, buttery, healthy and yummy. Click here to see what it looks like: http://www.pilinuts.org.

What’s also interesting is that the prices for a handful of the high-end kitchen appliances are cheaper than in Singapore or the US during sales  – they are made in China afterall.

We stayed at The Metropark Kowloon. Good choice because it is not too far from Mongkok MTR. Best of all, it runs a very efficient, convenient, and cOmPLIMENtary shuttle service from the hotel to Mongkok to Tsim Sha Tsui and back, so travelling around was an absolute breeze.


[First published: 14 Nov 2011]

Sojourn: Hong Kong I

Let’s see. The last time I was in Hong Kong was in 1998 for the celebratory graduation trip with my university classmates. So it’s been some 13 years, same time needed for a child to turn into a teenager. Heh. It’s been much longer for SJ, but he can’t actually claim that he’s going on a second trip because he never actually stepped out of the hotel room to see HKG the first time round.

We’ll be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary in HKG this trip. I’m thinking maybe we could mark the occasion at Disneyland with the Space Mountain ride, but SJ (for his own good) may have other non nausea-inducing ideas. We’re also intending to stuff ourselves with what the gourmet city has to offer since we are going armed with a long checklist of food places.

*checks both our tummies* Hmmm, may not be a good idea either.

Pffft!! How could we go to HKG and go on diet!?! Moderation is key I say.

I haven’t felt this excited to go on a trip in awhile…..no, correction… since our last trip 3.5 months ago. *LOL* Go ahead, hate me.


[First published: 21 Oct 2011]