Favourite Places, 4: All over Mauritius

Sugarcane. Sugarcane. Sugarcane. Everywhere you turn, sugar from cane. That is their single largest industry and where a lot of their earnings are generated through. They even have a research institute for sugarcane!

A trip to a sugar mill will tell the visitor a whole lot about how the little sweet particles came to be and will also bowl you over with its family tree of derivatives – siblings, cousins, grandkids. Different kinds for different uses. The staggering varieties will also assist in fending off crime, punishable with the ingestion of demerara till the onslaught of diabetes.

Supplementing a smaller percentage of their income is the cottage industry of tourism. But some say wildlife would be a more encompassing term.

In this land of abundance, joining the hordes of eager tourists in La Vanille Nature Reserve, are tortoises. GIANT fellows. The ones in Mauritius originated from the Aldabra Atoll of Seychelles, hence its name the Aldabra Giant Tortoise.

Despite what we see in photos, no one is allowed to sit on the protected species. Not even if you weight a mere 5kg. Though you are allowed to walk amongst and touch them. I guess in their excitement, people forget that they are not stones nor lumbering mules. Or that these are the last ones left feasting on a tasty diet of fat carrots.

Post 91. Mauritius