The Move

One day in June 2014, both sides of my brain had a conversation…..

“Ooh, versatile. I am going to move to WordPress,” said my right brain one day. The other side fumed, and started making a list of why they shouldn’t.

The debate went on for a bit. And it is obvious who won.

That was how this site came to be. I started blogging about travel and other bits in 2011, but I’ll keep the other bits to a minimum here because the left brain, having lost the earlier battle, is dead certain on having the final word on content.

Then in September 2014…..

3 months after the move here, both sides made up and declared that they will take a 6-month long travel sabbatical. Twice the amount of time they took to reconcile seemed a good gauge.

It also dawned on them, at long last, that they needed to listen to the heart and see beyond the forehead.



3 thoughts on “The Move

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