First School Camp


It is not an activity I enjoy and so would never voluntarily embark on a trip that would require an overnight stay anywhere I cannot shower properly. Even the thought of that gives me the creeps. I like hanging out in the bathroom so its availability (and its cleanliness) is of paramount importance to me. Other inconveniences I can put up with.

For some I know, they would not like the lack of conveniences that modern life has accorded. No WiFi is one. Horror of horrors. Cold water showers! No way! No beds! @?!?!&$

My charges fall into this such group. They do fun outdoor things under the blazing hot sun but were irritated with mosquitoes and flies as companions on their limbs already slick with perspiration. They sit in a humid tent for lunch out of a box with 200 other equally sweaty people, oblivious to the eye-watering stench they played a part to create. But they get finicky about someone’s smelly feet. Later, they play games where contact with another person is inevitable and they unknowingly assist to wipe off someone else’s dirt streaks with their sweat-soaked shirt. But they get hysterical when someone steps on their new shoes. And because there are over 200 of them, shower time is limited at 3 minutes per person. They really only had time to rinse and were peeved at not being able to use soap.

Of course there would be inconveniences, otherwise camping it is not. It was difficult for them to understand and I guess they had that fact of camping stuffed down their throats. It isn’t for everyone, so I would wager my bottom dollar that a good number would end up like me.


City people.


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