Tasmania’s Heritage Highway

When driving from Launceston to Hobart, it is likely that the Midland Highway, otherwise known as the Heritage Highway, is the route you will choose to take. There are many things to see along the way some of which are heritage towns built by convicts in the 1800s. 

Ross, famous for scallop pies baked in an oven as old as the establishment in Ross Bakery Inn, was one we stopped at. The town is very pretty peppered with old buildings used today as retail stores selling antiques, wool, trinkets and food. But scallop pies and coffee are by far the most popular items here. There are two bakeries for this – go to the traditional one. I was surprised to see laksa curry sauce in their pies because laksa is a very southeast asian flavour. But the pies are not spicy like what we are used to at home. The pies are good though! Lots of whole scallops used!

We went to three others; Richmond Town is a little busier since it is near Hobart and hence easier to reach for visitors. 

There’s also Campbell and Oatlands Towns. Drive through these if short on time, but stop by for a bit at Campbell to see the line of convicts’ names lining the pavement of the little town – they are there because they helped to build the town.


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