Being economical in Mykonos

Value for money. That is what I meant. This is rather difficult to do in the touristy isle of Mykonos where cruise ships dock and people flock to the startling white mass of angular buildings to frolick and be merry. Compared to the similarly touristy parts of Paris and London, prices here are not so bad actually but it is the most expensive one we encountered in Greece.

No matter, it is beautiful. It is so easy to take nice pictures of the place. Here’s one taken at sunset:

And another taken at a restaurant we chanced upon:

Mykonos town reminded me of French Manicure if it were a venue: fresh and neat with a sophistication that hovers between idyllic resort town and an upscale neighbourhood.  It is a maze though – worthy of a Minotaur’s interest. We had fun wandering around and getting lost. But you’d get a good feel of the painted pebbled lanes after getting lost a few times. In the midst of all these, I found a pretty cheap place near Fabrika Square to get takeaway Illy coffee for €1.50. I went there everyday to get my coffee fix.

There is a bus station there from where you can go to the different beaches. We spent a day at Platys Gialos lying prone on the deck chairs staring at nothing more than sun, rocks and the Aegean Sea. They charge for the chairs – €20 for two under an umbrella for as long as you like. It comes with a 1.5l bottle of water too. Clean loos. Good deal.
You can also go to Delos from Mykonos for €50 per person. For history buffs, it is a must-do. Accommodation-wise, it is pretty pricey if you look for rooms with private baths. It’s around €300 per night and up around Mykonos town for basic rooms.

It is an experience to see Mykonos but it is also one that doesn’t quite need a second visit.


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