Bloody Nose reminds

It’s been a trying first term with full responsibilities heaped on. It isn’t even that big of a deal compared to the load of my previous job but it sure is hectic. I should thank my lucky stars if I even have a half hour to sit and eat a meal without marking or fiddling with some administrative matters at the same time. But it is what I chose to do, so I chug on.

Till this morning. I was clearing my nasal passage this morning when blood continually oozed out of my left nostril and stained the basin red. Yikes.

I have been feeling under the weather since late last week and have been been trying to herbal-drink my way out of my predicament. The sore throat is gone but Mr Cold and Ms Cough came to visit. Nose bleeds are rare for me – they appear only when I have gone too far to the dark side. The blood told me it is time to rest. I called in sick and thought I could spend time sleeping in. I could not. I did get some shuteye but woke up in between to grade papers.

It’s funny how I feel better looking at my now empty desk, free of ungraded worksheets. Maybe it’s the meds.

Did I leap from the frying pan into the fire? Not possible.

But health isn’t something to be reckoned with. I better get my priorities straight.


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