All I learned about Instant Noodles I did in Yokohama

Innovation. Perseverance. Ingenuity. For the masses and not the individual.  

These noodles were the brainchild of one Momofuku Ando. He invented the first instant noodles at age 48, first cup noodles at age 61 and the first instant noodles for astronauts in space at 95! Late bloomer he is.

There is an animated video of Momofuku’s journey you can watch that tells you a bit more about the trials and tribulations of the commercialization process and business wars in a simple, child-friendly yet emotive way. The film is in Japanese but there are audio guides available in English, Mandarin, Korean and one other language (I forgot! 😝). 

The museum does not have a lot of artifacts to show but has a great story to share.

500 yen per adult for entry and another 300 yen to make your own ramen to take home in a cute bubble bag.


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