Sinning on Saturday 

If you are ever in Matsumoto, Japan and have an hour or so to spare, head to Nakamachi Cafe on Nakamachi Street. 

Order their pancake soufflé. Bitter chocolate. You must. Moist and fluffy….They were so good my toes are curling thinking about them. Two can share the pancake and feel satisfied after. Get coffee too – their house blend, hand dripped, was pretty good. You won’t regret it. 

Its interior is modern with no-fuss, clean lines furnished in natural wood and oxidized metal – feels Scandinavian but is clearly Japanese. The staff are attentive but not intrusive, polite, understand simple English and they have English menus, so ordering isn’t a problem at all. 

The total bill came up to about 1400 yen including tax for the pancakes and the cuppa.

I am inspired to make my own!

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