[Country] [One Distinctive Feature]

 I did this one day last year when I was pondering about our 2016 trips. Under ‘things I want to explore in a country’, I started scribbling out food items, cultural practices and the lot. I got bored doing it alone and roped SJ in to see if we are going to play Snap! on the answers we blurted out with the playlist of countries. 

It turned out that we weren’t too far off. There are 196 countries ( or 202 depending on what you count), and there is still a long way to go on our list here. I just might try to do all. 😝

Portuguese Fado

Argentinian Tango

Swedish Fika

English Tea

Spanish Siesta

Chinese Opera

Australian Outback

Korean Kimchi

Turkish Whirling Dervishes

Japanese Sakura

Peruvian Ceviche

Finnish Santa

Italian Mafia

Indian Curry

Russian Ballet

Austrian Music

African Safari

German Sausages

French Cuisine

American Freedom

Egyptian Pyramids

Thai Monks

Dutch Canals

Belgian Chocolate

Taiwanese Street Fare

Qatari Souks

Arabian Nights

Brazilian Mardi Gras

Indonesian Massage

Swiss Cheese

Mauritian Sugarcane

Sri Lankan Tea

New Zealand Sheep

Hungarian Goulash

Estonian Skype

Maldivian Whales

Liechtenstein Stamps

Norwegian Fiords 

Arctic Circle

Antarctic Freeze

Polish Dumplings

Greek Temples

Mexican Salsa

Canadian Maple


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