Happy 2016

We just watched a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie that they make every year for the holidays: Just in Time for Christmas. We watch a lot of them. They are characteristic of Hallmark – heart-warming, family-oriented and they always have happy endings.

Why not?

But this one struck me as particularly poetic because I just got back from a family gathering that questioned my switch of occupation from one they considered high-faluting to teach. AgAin. 

So in my head, in a passive-aggressive way, as I watched the movie, I formed this:

This year, instead of resolutions, take a moment instead to ask yourselves: What do I want to look back on when 2017 comes round? What matters to me? What fulfills me? What is it that I really want?

The answers don’t always come easily. If we are honest with ourselves, they might not be what we expect. Some may be surprised. Others may get judgemental. 
An inspired life begins by being truthful to yourself. Courage to change comes next.


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