Christmas 2015

I asked Google about ‘Christmas light up around the world 2015’ and it threw back a list of articles about those in Singapore. 

I tried ‘Christmas lights around the world 2015’and I got what I wanted. 

I think Singapore is the only place that uses ‘light up’; To others, it probably succeeds BOOM! 

The lights along Orchard Road, the main shopping belt here, are pretty this year. SJ and I went on an obligatory drive in the city and oooh-aaah-ed our way till the end. 


It seems the lights along Oxford and Regent Streets in London are beyond spectacular. With the forecast of probable snow then, I think it would be magical. 

We are looking forward to experiencing it despite the warnings from family to be careful during this time. I read that Special Forces have been deployed to patrol the streets of UK. That does little to comfort I think because they are ready for a fight in the name of defence. 

In a battle, there are only losers and death. I am not religious but Christmas with all its festivities is my favourite time of year. Let’s see if this one will change my opinion. 


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