Separation Anxiety of the GB kind

I have been without my 4G access for a week and it has been torturous.

Spotty WIFI signals were what got me through this trying time. Though I had to search for one everywhere I went, and key in a userid and password set every single time I wanted the Internet, I did it.

I got myself into trouble in the first place – by using up all 4GB of my monthly allocation within three weeks. That is a bit more than a GB a week on surfing, streaming, blogging and whatsapping. To exceed this limit is to burn a nice hole in my pocket, so I made the painful decision to shut off all data coming through and just live with WIFI. Gahhhh!

It was not a big deal (I keep telling myself) but I felt handicapped.

The habit of staring intently at a smartphone is something that is surprisingly difficult to rid. When in a train, on a bus, while waiting or eating; At a restaurant, in the car, or even when walking. Why one needs to be entertained while walking is beyond me. Yet, I am guilty of all of the above. There are just so many things to look at!

One hand brandishing a phone, the other armed with coffee. We rather type when we can talk and LOL when we can laugh. We do it so much that we have to be told to put our gadgets away in a basket before entering certain places. Or to silence them in others. When we get them back, we launch our apps again, get busy updating, look for directions to the new coffee place, eyeball the shops enroute and do 21 other things simultaneously. Running an empire probably takes less multitasking than this.

My addiction to being tethered started with a smartphone 7 years ago. I don’t like being without it. I cannot imagine what it must be like for a child born into world one day in the future, where having a connection is as natural as eating and drinking, to go offline.

They’ll need a cure for a new separation anxiety. I am sure of it.



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