My List of Travel Moments

Inspired by others, I wanted to also pen down a list of the things that evoked or provoked a reaction from me. I don’t want to limit the number to a top ten type because this list will go on as long as I can travel. 😊

1. Striding past immigration at the Departure Hall. As soon as my thumbprint gets the green light, Freedom! Yeah! Even if it is for only two weeks.

2. When the plane lands at the destination. All the months of research, preparation and anticipation were for this moment onward.

3. Getting upgraded. Oh the glee. You do little dances in the elevator on the way up to your nice room when you think no one is watching.

4. The first shower after too long a flight. Ever wondered why the immigration officer at Arrivals sits on an elevated platform? All the better to see you with? IMO, that is the only way to be as far from you as possible without being seemingly impolite.

5. Kindness of strangers. There must have been a time you were standing at an intersection in a strange country and giving the map you have half a mind to crush the evil eye. A stranger comes up and offers to help you find your way – and you feel safe enough to follow, and chat along the way. In Sapporo, as if thorough advice wasn’t enough, the locals went out of their way to escort us to our destination. Amazing.

6. Discovering that you will not get diarrhoea after you unintentionally drank water from the tap. Yep, you can travel on knowing full well that your bowel movements are safe and in order.

7. On the same subject: The first clean, flushing washroom after a series of those that require you to put on bandit headgear to go near, and say a prayer before you head in. There are perhaps only a few bathrooms around the world that can make you run out faster than those you have the fortune to use in the backwaters of China.

8. Finding Sriracha sauce in places where there is no such thing as chilli sauce. I like my food spicy. So whenever I miss it while traveling, I hunt down a Thai or Vietnamese eatery and just almost always find my Sriracha.

9. When you go around like a local on the public transport system. You brisk walk decisively across the station, weave in and out of the human traffic, and towards the platform for the 10.27am train to get to the gothic cathedral by 11.38am so you can hear the choir boys sing at noon.

10. When all you are thinking about is the time you should wake up for that nice breakfast the next day.. The bliss of being just idle.


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