Hej Hej !

Not a few moments after we landed, we transported our post 12-hour flight, blurry-eyed selves to the DIY furniture megastore synonymous with Sweden’s knack for innovation and design, but uncharacteristically economical, IKEA.


The free shuttle that runs weekdays to and from the city to IKEA leaves every hour, on the hour. They made it so convenient. Until they decided to change pick up location the week we left. I checked the week before, and didn’t think that Murphy might have a trick up her sleeve. But of course she did.

We spent an hour hunting around and being sent on a wild goose chase by well-meaning locals who didn’t actually know where the pick up location was. After it dawned on us that there was a new pick-up point, we thought it wise to go ask at a tourist info booth – the one that just opened its doors at 10am. The just as blurry-eyed receptionist drew a long line on the new street we were supposed to be on and sent us on our way. Walking there was easy enough, but identifying the exact spot took another 45 minutes and a cup of nerve-calming coffee. Why did she have to draw such a bloody long line….

Anyway, we made it there and back. It had a few more things than the two stores we have in Singapore.


Wait. We have TWO and we spent so much time hunting for the one in Stockholm just for a few more things?? What is wrong with us?!
Well, there is nothing like seeing the original right?


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