Bee troubles

I was chased by a hornet when I was eight. It was during recess that I excused myself to go to the loo, and decided to linger around the gardens to admire the large red hibiscus flower that hung so prettily overhead.

Then I heard it before I saw it. It zipped right by my ear. It was a sound I’d never forget. An enormous black ant with wings that seemed angry that I stood near its flower, flew at me. I turned around and ran as fast as my short legs could carry me, through the single story school, and burst into the crowd in the canteen. All while running, I could hear it buzzing behind me but it must have been appalled by the vile smell of sweaty kids and left. Good thing I had already gone to the loo.

The school had the pest controllers come clean up later. But I never ventured near the hibiscus plant again.

Just yesterday, I was tending to my plants when I spotted a little pile of sawdust under one of the legs of our wooden deck chair. The leg had a neatly bored hole.  Didn’t look good. So I called for SJ to come investigate, and I stood two feet away while he bravely picked the chair up and inspected the strange new cavity. Nothing. So I turned and continued picking up the annoying dead leaves.

This guy then decided to thump the chair against the floor. Guess what flew out? A large black and yellow bee. Dang!! Not again!

He yelled, “Bee!!!” dropped the chair on a plant and promptly ran off. Left me in his dust… because you only needed to run faster than the last person, right? I ran faster than I did when I was eight all the way back into the house, and refused to let SJ in until he bluetacked up the hole in the chair.

We looked it up later and found out that it was a carpenter bee – a female one that is rather docile but can sting if provoked. Not sure if forcing it out of its nest is considered provoking but we didn’t stay long to find out.


Afternote: The carpenter bee can be seen flying around still. Probably will bore another hole somewhere soon to nest.


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