A bit of France in SG

You can have authentic French baguette in Singapore, and it is not from the posh lime green and gold bakery, Maison Kayser (though theirs are very good too). It comes to you warm and fluffy, complete with a little pot of butter and a bespoke selection of jams. For a royal S$7, taxes excluded.

We had it at a shophouse along Tras Street that has been transformed into a delightful French cafe that bears uncanny resemblance to the ones along Rue Cler in Paris.

The floor of the courtyard in the middle of the shophouse has been laid with cobblestones so it looks like there is a street running through. This faux street is illuminated by the warm glow of vintage lampposts and natural light filtering in from the skylight above; Hanging from this skylight are dainty and colourful balls of lights, contrasted against a dark grey wall of French posters. From where we sat, through the French doors, I could also see copper pots hanging from what looked like a traditional hearth. Quite pretty.

I could have been thoroughly deceived. It truly is a piece of France so well recreated that it brought back nice memories of lounging in Parisian cafes with my face buried in good books. The homesick French should pay Cafe Gavroche a visit and be cured in no time!

There is also a bar counter on the left just as you walk in, so that is another draw. 😉



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