Attack of the First Graders

I was shot in the stomach last week by a jet of water from a bidet spray manoeuvered by a mischievous 7 year old on an adrenaline high.

I laugh in hindsight at how comical it must have looked. But at that moment, it was not at all funny.

Not only did I get wet, the rest of the class had water splashed on them as well. The loo next to the classroom was flooded. Kids were frantically cleaning water off their faces and desks, and I was trying to stop the two slippery buggers from causing further mess.

Gawd. It was a huge disaster in classroom management.

Granted that the two have some degree of ADHD, but I was appalled at the blatant disregard for figures of authority, and audacity to do as they please in an environment for learning.

I was so royally pissed, hot air could have farted out of my ears. It took almost all I had not to blow my top, and focus on remedying the situation.

I must say I have also a handful of very understanding and responsible kids whom are ever ready to lend a helping hand in cleaning up and taking care of the class. They say kids can sense what you are feeling – I saw for myself that day: I must have seemed quite affected for one of them came up to me to ask if I was okay.

For little things like these, I am so thankful. 😊

You live, you learn.



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