The late Mr Lee Kuan Yew on Teaching


This still hasn’t changed 49 years after.

I have been asked quite often the past week by others if this is the route I want to take, and spend the rest of my ‘working years’ doing.

I say, yes. Why not? But I walk in with both eyes wide open.

For this is not a vocation for one who is ambitious and hopeful for success defined by power and luxuries. But more so for the little pleasures in life, defined by heart and rewarded through persistence and unglamorous labour.

Perhaps I have awoken on my 38th year of life, in an epiphany of sorts, that changed my outlook. In my pursuit for the socially accepted norms of success, I might have neglected or even somehow suppressed a side of myself lurking within, too afraid to show its face.

I know what pushed me. But as those reasons faded with the wisdom that comes with age, I found a quiet confidence to do as I think good. Nevermind the naysayers.


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