Thais make really good adverts

We had a discussion about how tough it is to teach nowadays. The children are different, the parents are different, the system is different.

Well, of course. That is progress. New things come, we learn, adapt and go on our merry way. Like progress when you switch from a regular mobile phone to an iphone, a longtime PC user moving onto a Mac – there is just that darn hill you have to get past to improve. (Yes, I am an Apple convert. Keke!)

Despite the incessant complaints, teachers still do what they do. The question is why.  Being able to gripe is a stress reliever, so clearly, that is one of the reasons they complain a lot to seek strength to continue.

The other other reason, I think, is that those in the teaching profession tend to have great empathy, enormous hearts and are some of the biggest embracers of differences. It is tiring to deal with little ‘uns who refuse to listen, are defiant and cause trouble. But, on the flip side, it is also nice to see them walk over to say hello, yell for you across the room to wave and act silly. There is the bits of ‘argh’ and ‘awww’ for everything else they get in between.

The “nice” is intangible – the rewards can’t quite be seen, only felt. Sometimes, that is all that matters.

We were shown this video (Thai production) after and I could hear soft sniffles in the room of teachers.


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