Of Moomins, Santa Claus and IKEA

We are making plans to go to Scandinavia in June!

Well, not all of it and not exactly Scandinavia because we are skipping Denmark and Norway, and there is a Baltic state included.

Deciding where to go was a challenge!

It is too much to cover all the Scandinavian states in as much detail as we would have liked in one trip. The more we read, the more places snuck into our to-do list. With the vacation days SJ has, it was impossible. (At this point, I would like to gloat that the time we do not have is finally not limited by my vacation days. Muahaha!) So we had to draw some boundaries or we will spiral into a deep, dark abyss of planning mess.

So we looked up flight deals, chased down elusive info and finally decided on Finland, Sweden and Estonia.

I have always associated Scandinavian states with gawk-worthy high cost of living, the frigid cold and older tourists spending languid days admiring fjords. So they were never too high on the list …till now. I know…I am too young (IMHO) to while away staring at fjords when I could be scaling alps. Well, life changes and you with it! πŸ™‚

If I want to accord blame, then the favorable Euro exchange and uncontainable wanderlust are the much loved culprits. The recent report that Singapore is the most expensive city to live in (2nd year running) helped dispel some myths and put things into perspective. Nothing like a study by some high-faluting, acronymed organization to push facts in my face – though I still think we don’t deserve that honor.

I need to get me a countdown counter to help me clock in reverse 13 weeks from now.



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