Bottom of the Food Chain

So. How does it feel to be at the bottom again?

Well, that is where one starts. There will be people ordering you around and assigning you mundane tasks. You will be assumed and treated like a rookie again. That is fine by me – I chose this path knowing that it will be the case.

My shoulders aren’t burdened, I have no consecutive meetings that last an entire day, and I am free from what bounded me unhappily to the seat in the room on a double-digit office floor.

All is well.
But not today – I am completely gobsmacked by what had happened. Not to mention galled that I was at the mercy of an attitude that will do better in the refuse.



I have come to terms a long time ago that there are always differences in opinion, hidden reasons, emotional triggers that govern the way another thinks and acts toward you. However, if those thoughts do not translate into actions that are deemed reasonable and fair, judgement takes place, often swiftly, resolutely and never good.

It is that way with adults; It is no different with children. Once an impression is cast, it is difficult to remould. Children are way more forgiving, and sometimes you may be pardoned if you manage to make them understand why you lectured them for lending erasers to friends by launching the rubbers in the air. With adults, words sometimes fail. But you can make peace with your inner grouch only if you are willing to take time to observe and try to understand.

Always look for the silver lining 🙂


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