Staying young and dangerous

School resumed after the long weekend of lunar new year celebrations. With that, teachers and pupils are also stumbling their way back to classes – some looking quite blasé after what must have been a fun break from school.

I asked a little one this morning about his break, hoping to hear what mischief he was up to. But he said, “Not enough…”

“Of?” I enquired further, my mind running through the list of things a 10 year old might be in want of.

“Holidays…too short,” came the sheepish and partially muffled reply. This little fella knew he was asking for the impossible.

Perhaps his frame of reference was that of fellow classmates whose parents took them out of school for travel overseas; These students did not come back today. Some not even tomorrow nor the day after.

In my time, this was absolute blasphemy. Education was top priority, holy of the holiest for school-going children. We only went on holidays during school breaks, if we were lucky. Parents would never take a child out of school for reasons less than dire.

But times have changed. And we need to change with it.

Speaking of change, my schedule will morph again because the ‘Cher (student speak for Teacher) I am relief for has returned. One day P5, next day P1! Phew!!

Some smarty pants told me once that Change is the only Constant. How true.

Raising adaptability seems to be the right move for living life on the edge -for life should be as exciting as you can take it!

Erstwhile, happy year of the goat!



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