Teaching Week 2

I am not sure about others but I get a kick out of watching little people get excited over the words that come out of my mouth.

For a person who detests presentations, I was pleasantly surprised that I am enjoying doing that in a school. Other than having to speak loudly constantly that is. I need strategies to help conserve my voice! The little fellas may be half my size but they have voices double the might.

They are very enthusiastic too, literally bouncing off their chairs like they were high on sugar. I don’t remember my peers being that eager to answer our teachers’ questions when we were their age. But that was way back…things have certainly changed.

Maybe because I am standing in for a teacher on long leave and don’t know yet what this class is capable of – I was amazed that they could tell me correctly, in their high-strung state, what a metaphor was in English class.


The teacher-student bond is something I did not expect to experience this early. I thought it would take some time to develop. Clearly, I was too conservative! Though not as strong as I would like it to be, I really like how it is playing out and am looking forward to more.



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