Were the Musketeers ever in Versailles?

I found myself wondering which French monarch D’Artagnan and the three musketeers served while trudging our way to Chateau Versailles in the not so light drizzle.

All I know of them are from the BBC TV drama we are watching. Lol!

Oy, desiring more concrete info, I read up about them through various online sources. Deducing from timelines, it seemed they served King Louis XIII in Paris. Louis XIV moved the royal seat to Versailles early-mid 17th century, but if he retained the Guards then the musketeers should follow. They are the personal protectors of the King after all.

And then, I found out that only D’Artagnan existed in real life. The rest of the musketeers were from the imagination of the author, whose books were doused with a liberal dose of artistic license.

Good to know.

This was our third attempt to visit and I was glad we were successful, and plans were not thwarted by train breakdowns and scheduling conflicts!

The Palace was ostentatious. Gilded gold structures, cavernous halls, elaborate furnishings richly decorated, gigantic paintings that fill large walls, ornate everything. Much like what we see in pictures all over. Quite impressive!

We could not get out to the gardens because it was closed off but I would have loved to get a closer look. All I got was a peek through the windows of the palace.



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