Auschwitz: Trying to Understand

Educational account of a visit to a concentration camp.

I avoid these places due to my inability to deal with the visually and mentally overwhelming horrors. My visit to the Hiroshima War Memorial was dreadful and once is enough; these are likely to be worse.

Reading about it through a blog is good for me. Thank you.

Sangria Lips

When I first started talking about traveling in Europe, many people asked if I wanted to visit a concentration camp. I’m a very proud Jewish woman. Some people asked like they thought I’d say no, others seemed afraid of the answer and some themselves wanted to make the trip.  When my friend mentioned going to Auschwitz, I thought it was an important trip to make.  It wasn’t going to be a fun filed day of sightseeing and eating like most Eurotrips, but I thought that if I’m going to be traveling I should create a spiritually enlightening experience for myself.  Part of the spiritual enlightenment is going out of the way to understand the human condition.

Getting There

We went to Warsaw because it was significantly cheaper than flying into Krakow.  The trek was incredibly long but it seemed appropriate because (in not nearly the same way) my ancestors had…

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