Cat Training Day 14

We decided that we needed something to help train Rö to keep off the kitchen counter, stove tops, dining table, bookshelves and rooms with fragile items he is not allowed to enter.

Al foil helped but he still attempts to leap to little areas where there aren’t. Always testing us. I don’t want to cover everything up with foil because then I can’t find my books nor my pens.

So SJ scoured the amazing directory of Amazon and found an automated, motion-detector spray+alarm that seemed useful. It works by hiding in a corner, laying in wait for an unsuspecting feline wandering over to climb things it isn’t supposed to. Then Poof! It will release a blast of harmless compressed air equivalent to having someone scare you from behind.

I like reading reviews before purchasing stuff and came across one for this product that made me really laugh. 🙂



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