Favourite Places, 9: Hokkaido and its produce

Hokkaido has really good food. Its quality and freshness come from their organic methods of farming as well as stringent control of output. From sashimi to beef to fruits to wine, all of them are meticulously prepared, finely packaged and elegantly presented.

One of the foods I rather like is their cheeses (particularly Brie) because they are never really overpowering and do not numb my olfactory system. About 90% of the cheese that Japan consumes comes from here. Hokkaido is also Japan’s largest dairy farming region, with fields of happy cows producing good milk. Hence good cheese! 🙂

Brie and Hokkaido scallop taken raw, just out of its shell. Happiness is.

Post 107. Hokkaido

Cheese Board@Furano Cheese Factory


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