Taking Things for Granted

Availability of WiFi, that is. Me and the Internet are rather inseparable these days. 🙂

I walked in two different international coffee franchises in Manila, and discovered I had to pay to get connected both times. Where I come from and other places I have been to, WiFi is complementary if you are a patron.

That is the one good thing I rely on when travelling: Assurance of connectivity when you most want it in coffee places you know have sprouted up everywhere.

And I love coffee. Everything works out. It’s almost second nature for me to let my nose lead me to coffee when I want WiFi.

Sometimes, it is not for fun. In desperate times when a plane delay meant missing your schedule completely, rearrangements need to be made or things will get forfeited. The faster the better to minimize the size of disasters. I know coffee will get me through.

Paying for access definitely works, but there is something pacifying about the WiFi being free, almost like an empathetic presence offering bytes of consolation. With caffeine, the breeze beneath your wings. There is also the odd sense of satisfaction at being able to get everything done without feeling like you are being doubly punished by and for a delay.

I saw in the papers yesterday that Filipinos are asking that WiFi be made available in public spaces. I suppose the high demand for it has somehow caused policies at the coffee chains here to be amended to include a charge.



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