Tsu and Facebook

What does Tsu have that Facebook doesn’t? At first glance, Tsu offers money for each original post. Quite sold? 🙂

I am neither for Tsu nor for FB, they are just avenues for maintaining comms with my social circle. I don’t have a big one, just good friends and family, near and far, whom might not frown in disdain with updates of whatever I choose to write.

That is me, but I have seen and heard others who use them for a plethora of other reasons that are sorta annoying. Updates on newly procured luxuries, domestic shenanigans, toothbrush changes…not necessarily of interest to your circle unless for reasons pertaining to humour. I get it when the aim is to make people laugh. Else, expensive trophies and closet skeletons may be put on display in some other channels with a more suitable audience.

So, Tsu. After some not so intensive research, I think I should reserve my opinions for another day. But if I were to say something (yes, I think I feel a need to say at least one), I’d say it would not only promote more posts of the non-quality kind in droves aka spamming, it would also drive me completely nuts trying to figure out what the supposed returns are.

That was two things.

I will stick with FB since their objective of providing a way to keep in touch keeps the social in the social network. At the very least, their BLOCK function comes in useful.



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