Where to get Macarons in Paris?

I’ve been wondering about that for a little bit.

We all know and love Laduree because:                                                                                 a) It has gone very international and                                                                                   b) you know where to get them where you live because of all the marketing they have done to ensure you kNOw.

But what is the real fuss?

Macarons are cloyingly sweet little pieces of confectionery that are small, delicate and expensive; They are usually cleverly displayed to bring out their pretty pastel shades across colours of the rainbow, framed and crowned to an almost Angelic form. And so have a special ability to open up wallets of the Fallen. They now come in all sorts of varieties that amaze even the ones not predisposed to be tempted by sweets.

I guess curiousity as to how foie gras and chocolate would taste like if smooshed together between two layers of crispy macaron shells that will get themselves stuck in your molars and incisors would cause even the most disinterested to waiver.

That is the current flavour being marketed by Pierre Herme for Christmas, the shop that the locals swear by. Not Laduree. Interestingly, the owner of Pierre Herme came from Laduree, but went about a wave of innovation in his patisserie skills after he went solo and emerged the favourite of locals favouring originality and authenticity.

Post 92. Macarons

I will head there soon.

Once or more in your life you have to have something small, delicate and expensive stuck in between your teeth right? The best part is that it does not need to be from a Michelin-starred restaurant.


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