Star Wars 7 :)


The Force will be with us once again in December 2015. Woo hoo!!!

Let’s see, I was not a fan of Star Wars till I was in my teens. Even then, it was Han Solo I liked, and (horror of horrors) not Star Wars.

Actually that was not it. Nope. More accurately, it was Harrison Ford I liked as the charismatic, lasso-toting Indiana Jones *tee hee*. That is the domino effect with idolatry. Once hooked, I wanted to see everything that had Ford in it.

I discovered after Empire Strikes Back that, horror of horrors to my teenage mind, I liked the little green thing they call Yoda too.

I was two characters deep in my fandom and I could not get out.  They got me good – hook, line and sinker.



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