Are we Cat ready?

We’ve had pet rabbits and hamsters, and we never had to worry about them escaping or swallowing something they shouldn’t have since they had cages to retreat to when playtime is up or when we are not around. We’ve never had pets larger than these.

But we got a bit brave, and entertained the thought of possibly having a pet cat. One level up from small animals. Suitable for apartments. Why not.

I like cats for their independence, intelligence, inquisitiveness and interactive nature – qualities I look for in a pet. Not so much their ability to really roam the house, nitpick and their inclination to scratch. Given my OCD with being clean and tidy, I am aware of how a cat might turn my home upside down, possibly inside out.

I know they are essentially clean, social creatures, and I am comforted by that. But in my research on having cats as pets, I have read so many horror stories about aggression and destruction. Oyyyy. Well, I do like my furniture and surroundings to be intact. It is funny when it does not happen to you, but I really do not want to find a cat tangled up in my Christmas tree and ornaments on the floor.


So for about a year now, we have been toying with the idea of having a cat. We never got down to it because neither of us had the time for a new pet, and I could not get past the horror stories.

But things have changed a bit around here. And the thought of having a cat pet hasn’t diminished with time, even with the stories. Our experience of staying with other cats has left us with some impression of what it would be like to have one 24×7, so we are not going in blind. There are adjustments to be made, and there are potential sacrifices. Ouch. Tolerance and patience will be tested. But we are ready.

I think. 🙂


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