Sao Paolo, finally.

40 hours later, we found ourselves awake at 5am in our hotel room, fiddling with the WIFI signal and passwords on our devices. It is still dark outside and breakfast is an hour and and half away. But we are finally in Sao Paolo.

SJ likes to people-watch. So he made a beeline to the balcony the moment we stepped in our room. And discovered, to our dismay, that the lock on the balcony door separating our room on the first floor from the outside was faulty. We called the front desk and they sent the the maintenance guy who came in with a screwdriver and had it set right in less than a minute. That was fast. I don’t want to think about how easy that was. In Sao Paolo.

“En garde!”, said the brave, sturdy-looking study table to the balcony door while being pushed to stand guard beside it. The room occupants were not so sure.

Defensive thoughts gave way to heavy eyelids. We fell fast asleep only to wake up too early. But it is a new day, and the streets of Sao Paolo beckons.


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