Chasing Thoughts on Halloween

Post 74. Halloween 1

One of the most frightening things for me is to be chased down. You know the joke that if you are being chased, you only have to run faster than the last person? That is not so funny to me because in all likelihood, in a group of equally fit, I would be that last person.

I can do everything in a fitness test except run long distances. My stamina is the pits. Jogging is easily the most convenient way to get exercise – dress the part and then you just shuffle your feet fast enough to get to a speed of 10kmh in a park. Even when on a treadmill, where I do not need to think about where I am going,  I’d choose to walk real fast instead of jog.

The only time I would run is if I were chased. Nobody practices for something like that right? Lol.

Post 74. Halloween 2

What nightmares are made of. Just look at that beak.


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