Travel Packing List and Priorities

How does one pack for a trip that encompasses weather conditions of both summer and winter, with temperatures ranging from mid-10°C to mid-30°C?

It is through sheer luck that our trip has been planned in a way that requires us to lay on more as we go along and not alternate between. The other way that  requires taking off layers will work too, but I would have to rely on humour pills if I had to make like an Eskimo one day, turn to a tank top and shorts the next and alternate.

If it is important, you’ll find a way;

If not, you’ll find an excuse

Most travelers I know have a list they whip out when the need to pack arises. I, too, have one that has been with me for about 20 years. The slightly ratty-looking list enshrined in a ill-fitting plastic slip has not been refreshed since I was 18. *tee-hee* What they said about old habits…applies, and also because of sentimental value that I haven’t been able to throw it out. So, I have been adding and omitting items mentally while I refer to ye olde list to ensure I bring the stuff I need, and not lug around something called a ‘water boiler’ (the archaic one with the separate heating element and container; the hotels didn’t use to provide a kettle unless high-end).

A new list was in order ages ago. But I procrastinated.

There are ready lists sold commercially in a wad of 50-100 pages that you can tear off for use each time you pack. I tried those once. They do not work for me because I end up scratching out items and writing in my own. They are fairly comprehensive but just not customized for my picky left brain. So with time on my hands, I finally redid the list. To share too.

Packing List

Action expresses priorities

SJ and I are fairly light packers. For our upcoming 19day-all-weather trip, both of us have squeezed our things into a 24-inch luggage, sans windbreakers and snacks. I am still mulling over the cuts we did and I hope *fingers crossed* we will have enough to keep us warm. We do have another larger, 29-inch luggage that is filled with snacks as well as gifts for family and friends that once emptied will serve as our returning treasure chest of good bargains and trinkets.

Everything becomes clear when you have priorities. 🙂


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