Rescue; It’s Not Just a Verb It’s A Promise!

Just recently, I’ve been having thoughts about adopting a cat. I’ve had rabbits and hamsters but have never had a pet that permanently roamed the house. My rabbit did for a bit and chewed up a lot of my wires, left fur everywhere and ate my entire trough of basil plants (I was so mad! 🙂 ). Still, the cutie pie won me over every time. I’ve never thought about fostering because I don’t think I can bear letting go when the time comes. Attachment issues. Heh. Maybe ability comes with practice, and for more noble reasons than taking care of a rescue for oneself. The wonderful poem shared by this post says it all. For me, at least.

Crazy Train To Tinky Town

Milo & I wanted to wish you all a very happy & safe weekend from everyone here at Dyson Abbey and also to remind you how rewarding fostering can be. Writing posts about wildlife and our precious four-legged friends is always such a labour of love for me but the photography not so much hence I’ll be saving the shameless photobombing selfies of our feline family for another day. I have a renewed respect for the patience of all of our photography blogging friends and it’s completely true what they say about working with children & animals (well bored felines anyway).

With most shelters overflowing with unwanted and neglected animals what can be more worthwhile than saving a life like Milo? If you’re on Twitter why not help by an RT which might just find an animal on the euthanasia list a home. And to remind you just how fulfilling…

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