Lonely Planet says to visit Singapore in 2015

Singapore was named the top country to visit in 2015 by Lonely Planet, and it made big news locally. Another No. 1 she has firmly tucked under her belt.

She is celebrating her 50th birthday in 2015, and her guardians are dead set on making it a glorious event. Everyone will be involved. They are pulling out all stops, and rabbits out of hats.

Fanfare and fuss are guaranteed for her golden jubilee. 2015 is going to be a year long festival from the sounds of things. And why not when she has so many things to be happy about.

I was just wondering about how one gets to be on that list, much less the top spot. Particularly for one that has never ever made any such lists. Was there an invitation sent out to make a case for it? Were the top 10 picked and shuffled within through votes? Must have been pretty competitive if so. Ay, I am so curious about the how.

What country wouldn’t be happy to be recommended since such a list goes out to the world, and when the world reads, some may actually visit. With visitors come economic contributions through tourism. We are expecting over 16 million next year.

The people who made this happen must be high-fiving their way to a fat bonus this year. That is what they get for earning Singapore the top spot in the list.

Being 50 certainly helped.


Article (image above borrowed) from Lonely Planet here.


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