Mind vs. Heart

A trigger. A surge of inspiration. An impulse. A moment of impetuousness. Your limbs tingle, your chest thumps and heart swells.

A good song does that to me. I get the same vibes when I really like what I am doing.

Is this what it feels like when you are passionate about something? Likely.

Learning to identify and recognize the signs were not straightforward for me. I used to confuse them with being scared. My left brain favors the safe and familiar. It gets in the way when it is unsure – too many reasons not to, and too few why I should, never the other way unless that OCD left side says so. Always black or white. Too afraid to just take the leap.

I seldom let the right part of my brain have a say in what I do, but nowadays, it seems to be taking over more and more. I am not certain is this is considered mellowing with age, I am not that old to begin with! But I am liking the development.


Right brain activity: Basking in the glow of the first ever fire we started in a fireplace, when we didn’t need one


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