WTA Finals 2014. Here. Next week.

We are going to watch the WTA Finals live. In Singapore. For a tournament that has always been in held in the West and more recently East Asia, I never thought it would end up on our shores.

If I am not mistaken, Singapore is hosting it for the first time in her spanking new, 35 hectare sports hub that opened its doors in June 2014, and will continue to do so till 2018. I have not been to the hub, or what is fondly known as the Bird’s Nest locally, but I hear it is pretty amazing with its retractable roof (apparently the world’s largest free spanning structure – pffhh, why do we always have to stick something like that in, I don’t know) and cooled seats for spectators (yes, so our bottoms will feel like they are in Cameron Highlands).

Post 62. BNP Pariba WTA Finals 2014

I watch tennis mostly for the players – for aces served, technique, grace, likability. When Pete Sampras and Steffi Graf were still in the circuit, I watched their matches when they were available on telly. But I am not inclined to follow leadership boards nor root for players because, well, I am not built that way. However, I do enjoy the excitement of the final match and the triumphant grin of the winner when he/she holds up the coveted prize.

But we are not watching the final match, just the round-robin, a quarter final (I’m hoping to see Maria Sharapova play) and tennis legends matches (I’m hoping to see Martina Navratilova in this one) in Session 4. I am quite amazed they can squeeze so many different matches in one session. There is also a festival for fans. Lol! I think I am going to enjoy this.


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