Eight things I learned from travel

Several people, after they learnt of my sabbatical and travel plans, have told me that it’s good to be young. Being the cynic that I am, I couldn’t help but wonder if there was a darker inference to that simple comment. Why did I think that? I guess part of me was feeling a bit guilty about abandoning a career I worked hard to build, and have also effectively erased my responsibilities in contributing to the household to become a liability instead. Though in reality, it is very manageable. I suppose the asian values doctrine has biased my thinking, and I struggle when I don’t think the way I should. And I usually don’t. Hah.

So when I came across this post, I found I had the same thoughts others whom were in my position had. They were well-captured and written, and gave me assurance that my behaviour is,in fact, rather normal. 🙂

Life After Liquidity

Travel Cover

As I write this post I am sitting in the Caltrain, passing through various suburbs of the San Francisco Bay peninsula on my way to the city. It’s comforting to be surrounded by so many familiar sites once again.

My wife and I have had quite a journey: 17 countries, dozens of cities, and countless airports/train stations/bus stations. We’ve witnessed both staggeringly beautiful phenomena (Northern Lights in the Yukon Territories) and horrifying moments (a mob beating up some dude in the streets of Istanbul) along the way. Fortunately, my wife and I came out the other end of our trip completely safe and with a lifetime of memories.

I’ve delayed writing this post as long as I could; it’s been taking me a while to process what I’ve learned from this trip. The short answer is: a lot.

I may not be able to cover all the lessons I’ve learned…

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