Shunned by Scones

I love scones. The sight of warm, fluffy sorta-biscuits smothered in jam and generous slabs of clotted cream always puts me in a good mood. I read in a post by ladyironchef that there were some to be had in Central World in BKK – the new shopping paradise that is filled with tourists, expats and Thai aristocrats – and made a beeline for it.

The mall is one of those high-end ones which offers goods that fall in the designer, curated and/or gourmet categories. For locals, a good meal could set them back at least a couple of thousand bahts, which seemed to be a nice chunk of their monthly salary that can be used in many more practical ways. For me too since I am not earning any nowadays. Heh.

But I digress. Scones. Nice ones in the Zen area of Central World, level 2. 195 Bahts (~S$8) for a set with tea. I had the bright idea of having it for breakfast this morning, and so we headed out to get me some scones.

We looked but couldn’t find it anywhere. After some creative hand gesturing with the security person for that floor, I was disappointed to learn that it has since closed for good. Aw shucks!

Mulling over, it does make sense that they won’t do well in a place famous for its Pad Thais and Tom Yums by specialising in scones. No one in their right mind would come to BKK for scones…*looks in the mirror*…right?

With the tummy that has yet to be satiated, we decided to try a second (extremely adorable) confectionery to see if they had the scones. *What’s wrong with me?!* Turned out that they didn’t either. It’s like the Guardians of Scones have ganged up on me! Okay, I geddit now alright.

We had cake and tea instead.



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