I have both feet soaked in foamy tepid water in a cool, dim room with soft music playing overhead that should be lulling me to sleep. But I am keeping both eyes open for my foot fetish treatment. And to watch my laptop and passports we needed to drag out with us because we checked out of the hotel and will leave for home in the evening. The full lunch and lazyboy rocking away are not helping. But I am determined!

Lunch was fabulous. Like this:


In an area that looks like this at night:


With time to kill, we walked to the other end of BGC earlier, to another high-end mall that sprouted out of nowhere. There was nothing that we needed, except for the disposable ear cleaning devices from Muji that SJ is so fond of. After wandering around a little, we stepped into a shop where we met a Filipino who worked in Singapore as a chef for a few years. He told us that he was going to open a restaurant in his hometown two years from now, and the La Mian that he learnt how to make in Singapore will be one of the items on his gourmet menu. He was also dabbling in a bunch of other things, real estate and tour guiding seem to be some of them to ensure income came from as many routes as possible. Wow. His tenacity spoke volumes for his hunger for success.

And he is not alone. If I can see this so clearly in the short time I am here then I am quite sure the effect is not an isolated instance. They can certainly give the competition a run for their money. All these despite the tough living conditions and immense effort they need to put in just to have the opportunity. What doesn’t kill you does make you stronger. The human spirit is a wonderful thing.


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