Unexpectedly Reading in the Philippines

It was about 11am when I stepped into the spanking new SM Aura Mall, located next to Market, Market at the end of Bonifacio High Street. Spacious thing she is with many brand name shops but nary two shoppers in sight. This mall sprouted up between our last visit and the current one, and the one shop that held my attention was National Bookstore.

I am only really interested in bargains and the Sale signages put up in the shops must have been placed there by fibbing retail kings. Things are way more expensive here than back home – I am guessing the taxes stuck onto imports are not meant to be beneficial for consumers, whom are mostly expats around here. Silly me, when were they ever?

BUT books are reasonably priced, much to my surprise. A good 30% less. I thought it was probably because I was looking at teen romance novels, and not a Tolkien nor a Tom Clancy. So to satisfy my curiousity, I checked out another bookstore – Fully Booked (yes, cute name) – turned out that books are indeed cheaper.

I was in the mood for something light and flighty 🙂 and so my hands reached out for this which I finished it in a few hours:


I missed reading.
The luxury of getting lost in an enjoyable book while the hours whittle by is sheer bliss. I had so many things I said I wanted to do here, but coffee and a book laid claim to my time and I forgot about the rest. Little joys reclaimed! I’m itching to read books two and three…yes, they’re for teens but darn if I let that stop me.



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